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14 low-maintenance short men’s haircuts that will save your time

14 low-maintenance short men's haircuts that will save you time. Wake up - wash your hair and start your day. Find the best low-maintenance haircut now.

Published Sep 15, 2022

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Have you ever spent 30 minutes styling and grooming your hair? I'm sure most of us did and I know how difficult it can be to style them quickly and in the right way.

If you are who do not have time to style your hair then keep reading. Because here you will find 14 low-maintenance short and simple men's haircuts, that you don’t need to style at all.

1. Fade

The "Fade" hairstyle represents a classic short haircut with tapered ends. In fact, Fade was one of the most popular men's haircuts in 2020.

2. Military

The “Military” haircut emphasizes courage and brutality. If you have a manly jaw and wide cheekbones, it will suit you. A military haircut means ultra short hair all over the head.

3. Extra Short Cesar

Extra short graphic haircut with clear lines. Ideal for thick, fairly soft, and straight hair that holds shape well

4. Buzz Cut Nr.8

“Buzz Cut Nr.8” is a simple, but comfortable and stylish haircut, which is easy to perform at home. This haircut will be the best choice for those who do not have time to style their hair. The buzz cut is suitable for both creative young guys and adult men. It can look good with or without a neat beard.

5. Burr Cut

“Burr cut” is a less radical option, when the hair is short even, with smooth transitions. The “Burr cut” is also known as a “hedgehog” and it is made using a hair trimmer with nozzles 1 and 2 (the shortest option) or 3 and 4.

6. Half Box or Semi Box

 “Semi box” is the optimal solution for adherents of the classical style in clothes and hair. This is a haircut with rather short temples and nape, a parietal part 5-7 cm long.

7. Box Fade Short Haircut

“Box Fade” haircut is a classic men's haircut in a sporty style. With very short or shaved temples that you don’t need to style. The optimal solution for people who devote a lot of time to sports or physical activity in the fresh air.

8. BuzzCut

The “BuzzCut” haircuts are very short. BuzzCut usually has the same length all over the head, including the forehead area. This haircut is ideal for coarse hair because it will hold its shape well. This haircut is suitable for both young guys and older men.

9. Short men's haircut without bangs

A short haircut completely opens the face and emphasizes facial features.

10. Short men's haircut with shaved patterns

 Such a haircut will attract the attention of others and will not leave you unnoticed. Usually done by using a professional trimmer.

Without a good hairdresser, it will be difficult to do it. The most popular lately are stripes, geometric shapes, and simple symbols.

11. French short crop haircut

Stylish and fashionable the “French crop” haircut. It has several types: smooth, torn, and mixed. Different types of execution differ in nuances.

It is a creative, non-standard, and effective haircut that is popular among young men.

12. Bold Fade

A “Bold Fade” haircut exposes all facial features, concealing nothing. If you have an expressive and interesting appearance, this is the best way to highlight it.

13. Crew cut

“Crew cut” style looks especially flattering on oval-shaped faces. Since it is relatively short on the sides and back and cut finger-length on top.

14. Buzz with clipper

You can do this haircut at home without shaving with a razor and shaving cream.  “Buzz with clipper” is for those who want the lowest maintenance haircut possible.


Low-maintenance short haircuts will save you time and grant you freedom of movement. You can wake up anywhere, wash your hair, and you already look great. Additionally, having a short haircut means that it does not need to be styled. No surprises await you - it always looks equally good.

Liked the idea of having a low-maintenance haircut? Then check out our list of hairdresser services near you. Book an appointment, and keep your hair short.


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