Tranquil 1992 Coffee House


Tranquil 1992 Coffee House

87 Vyse St West Midlands, England B18 6JZ


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We are the UK's first authentic Vietnamese Coffee House focusing on coffee drinks. We offer a wide range of Vietnamese traditional coffee such as egg coffee, milk coffee, salted coffee, yogurt coffee, white coffee, chocolate coffee, etc. Our coffee is made from robusta beans which are different from the rest of the UK market as they are using arabica beans. Our coffee is stronger, bitter and has chocolate and earthy taste. And robusta beans contain double caffeine but less fat and calories compared to arabica beans. All of our drinks are handmade, homemade and freshly-made. As Vietnamese coffee is always in the top 10 best coffee drinks in the world, we hope to bring this experience to UK's customers.

In Particular, we use our traditional technique to brew the coffee - "phin" filter. It takes more than 60 mins to brew 200ml of coffee and then keep it cool in the fridge at the right temperature in 8 hours to enhance the flavours before being served.

We also offer standard coffee such as americano, latte, salted cream american, however we use our coffee from robusta beans with traditional technique as the coffee base.

At the shop, we also offer some freshly-baked pastries to enjoy with the coffee such as croissants, pain au chocolate and a wide range of homemade cookies.

We work closely with a partner to import the coffee straightly from Vietnam.

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